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Villa ClementinePlaced in one of the most luxuriant areas of the town, Villa Clementine Resort Bed and Breakfast  is a luxury property elegantly furnished with all comforts for your stay in total relax: air-conditioned rooms, internet access point, swimming pool and a comfortable and familiar environment.
We will turn your stay into an experience you will never forget: a relaxing holiday with a touch of culture thrown in.


Piazza ArmerinaPiazza Armerina is a Medieval Art City, where different styles, often hidden under a simple baroque atmosphere, live together. Villa Clementine Resort B&B is only a few hundred metres far from the town center and the wonderful mosaics of the Roman Villa of Casale, one of the most important and best preserved Roman monuments, where you can find a happy compromise between the natural and manmade environment.



Programma Regionale LEADER+ Sicilia 2000-2006
Piano di Sviluppo Locale Rocca di Cerere